Young Professionals

The key to success in all times is establishing a network of contacts that know your value and understand what you have to offer.  While established members of the business community usually have an extensive network of trade relationships created over years, or maybe even decades many younger professionals are just trying to begin building relationships.  There is a very clear challenge ahead that many face in order to try establish themselves in order to open doors and access broader opportunities.

Often even the most talented , qualified individuals and managers find developing such networks daunting and highly challenging, often thinking that they are prevented from accessing key people and experts who may be able to support and mentor them in the development of their careers.

The British Business Group understand that establishing these relationships, particularly internationally, can be a difficult prospect for new entrepreneurs and business people. Therefore we introduce; The reinvigorated Young Professionals Network to support Macedonia’s young people in engaging with opportunity from among our members and associated business communities.

Young professionals get the opportunity to attend various networking events and charitable activities alongside business leaders in Macedonia.  Whether attending a gala dinner to celebrate the entry of a new British Business in to Macedonia or painting an orphanage as part of our social responsibility programme, our young professionals  have the opportunity to develop the network of contacts that will  hold them in good stead for a bright future career.

The aim of the young professionals network is:

–    To act as an access route and a means to integrate young professionals into the business community.
–    To assist young professionals in developing their general understanding of the business environment both locally in Macedonia but more broadly in terms of understanding international business.
–    To provide a platform for members to share support, advice and information.
–    To provide a pool of qualified potential employees to investors and businesses coming to Macedonia with local human resources requirements.
–    To provide a better understanding of the management and organisational structures employed by international businesses and why they evolve.

Our young professionals have the opportunity to directly contribute to our activities  directly.

–    Help set up a charity event or support a trade delegation to develop your organisation skills and add value to your CV.
–    Undertake training in debating, public speaking, points of law, regulation and business process and best practice.
–    Organise young professional specific projects.
–    Liaise with local companies.
–    Get involved in fund raising for local charities and worthy causes.
–    Contribute to social projects directly with physical labour and efforts such as decorating an orphanage or tidying public areas or gardens.

The rewards represented for joining the Young professional network far outstrips any commitment.  The more skilled and confident you become the more value our young professional can demonstrate to both new and existing employers.

New member to the Young professionals network will range from final year before graduation to 28 years.   Membership costs nothing other than to send your CV to the British Business Group with the title: Young Professionals Registration in the subject line of your email.