CSR Club

As an Award Winning Chamber for Corporate Social Responsibility we have set a benchmark that we would like to continuously improve upon so after many consultations with CSR professionals we have created a new program that is scalable, sustainable and brings benefits directly to areas and people in need.

The program is designed to be localised to meet the needs of the society as they evolve and can also be transferred into new areas that perhaps have different needs.
For example, within Macedonia our panel of advisers have determined that we could most effectively continue the projects for renovating orphanages and dormitories where children have basic quality of life issues but for an additional, small monthly contribution, we could also reach the vulnerable in society, such as the elderly living in poverty, with weekly food parcels and home maintenance assistance.

Whilst the CSR project for the renovation of the dormitory in St. Naum Ohridksi School for Children with Special Needs is progressing well we are actively preparing to expand the operations and formally begin with the “CSR Club” in September 2011.

The CSR Club will allow companies to see much of their BBGM membership fee contributed directly towards the CSR projects.
This means that companies who do not have the resources to run their own full CSR projects can still contribute to society but are effectively outsourcing the management of their program to dedicated professionals with a high level of governance and accountability.

With a strong internal audit control on accountability and ensuring funds go directly to meeting needs and not to the overheads of administration etc. we are pleased that we can also offer CSR Project Management as a service to large companies who have a more robust budget but find themselves faced with the ongoing problem of paying hefty fees for little impact.
We would be glad to offer the CSR services and invite you to contact us for more detailed information.