the London Southside Chamber of Commerce (LSCC)

On the 15th of May, the London Southside Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) will be visiting Macedonia and have expressed their desire to meet local businesses and hold a B2B Session with them.
The meeting will be organized at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Dimitrija Chupovski 16, Skopje, meeting room no. 4 at the 5th floor, starting from 10:00 hours.
Below are the sectors which the visiting businesses, from the London Southside Chamber of Commerce, are interested in.
–          Hotels, hospitality, and decoration
–          Tourism
–          Security, Risk Management, and Intelligence
–          Software solutions
–          Banking and Financial Sector
–          Food and Drinks Sector
–          Medical and Laboratory tools and equipment
–          Energy and renewable
–          Low cost sewage treatment facilities
–          Legal
The invitation and the agenda of the meeting are published on the following website