British Business Forum

The regular British Business Forum was held on 22nd October (Wednesday) at the residence of HMA Mr. Charles Garrett. This was an opportunity for the representatives of British business in Macedonia, as well as, for the members of the British Business Group to present their companies and their experience of working and living in Macedonia.

The representatives of: JOHNSON METTI, ALKALOID, PRILEPSKA PIVARNICA, TIKVES, IMPERIAL TOBACCO, BRITISH-AMERICAN TOBACCO, BERIN, DELAMODE, TUG and other participants shared their experience in doing business in Macedonia. They shared specific issues that will help us to organize the next forums and invite suitable guests and came up with some tangible practical suggestions concerning how the British Business Group can help members achieve their objective in investing in Macedonia. One of the more interesting elements of the session was the range of experiences present at the event.

With a number of the country’s largest enterprise businesses represented, there was also a voice given to the challenges and opportunities represented by the small and medium enterprise sector.  Discussing the economic landscape in Macedonia with those present in the room, it was clear to us all here at the BBG that there is still a great deal of opportunity for collaboration and development within Macedonia particularly among the SME sector, something we all look forward to addressing over the coming quarters.

To support out members based upon the learning taken away from this recent event,  we hope to continue to build upon the open and collaborative spirit which dominated this British Business Forum, sharing experiences, identifying mutual priorities (as well as opportunities) and further encouraging collaboration between our members and the broader business community both here and in the United Kingdom.