British Business Forum

The Minister of Economy of Macedonia Valon Saracini was the guest of honor at the last British Business Forum organized by the British Embassy in Skopje and The British Business Group on October 16th, 2013. The attendees had the opportunity to engage and share thoughts with the Minister and members of his staff concerning various questions related to their every day activities. Among other questions, the BBGM raised the question of publishing Brochure and web site containing all necessary requirements for the companies that are starting their business in Macedonia and will continue to work towards producing a definitive guide for investors and businesses. With this brochure, companies will have more predictability as they take their plans in country from conception to operational status. This guide will enable businesses to develop processes which are compliant with Macedonian legislation, avoiding any possible fines that can be result of inspections by Government institutions.

This proposal was accepted by the Minister Saracini and work is now underway.

Traditionally, the British Embassy hosts a British Business Forum which serves as a platform for British businesses in Macedonia to share experiences of doing business in Macedonia as well as latest UK business related news and bring to the attention of key stakeholders any potential road blocks preventing their investment or threatening their existent investments in the country.